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Engaging Influencer Relations

Influencer relations is all about connecting the dots between customer and brand to create the right positioning and storyline that will make your business stand out. We combine a deep knowledge of your influencers and their interests with our specialist know-how and creativity to deliver campaigns that shape opinions, build awareness and support your business outcomes. Our range of influencer services covers everything from media relations and analyst campaigns to blogger relations and specialist targeting of government, academia and industry bodies.

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Clear Corporate Communications

Our corporate communications specialists work with you to build, maintain and protect your corporate reputation. Our group of senior consultants are experts in creating the right corporate platform to build trust and confidence in your organisation and your management.

We are equally adept at tackling any issue that might affect that confidence or trust and which has the potential to impact the value of your business. Our corporate team has deep experience in providing a range of services from executive communications through to corporate storytelling, issues management and crisis communications.

Public Sector Communications

To us, public sector communications is not just about PR, but about creating the opportunities for businesses to articulate their offers and demonstrate their credentials in terms in language that resonates with decision-makers. Clearly understanding an organisation’s priorities, and our ability to maximize the relationships with the media, politicians and influencers to deliver effective communications to the public sector is what we pride ourselves on. We look in detail at you and the areas of the public sector you are targeting. We work out how to map your offer or solutions onto public sector issues and policy, so you can talk in their terms. We can also help you use think tanks and political advocacy to enhance your communications activity.

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Connected Digital

We help our clients understand and engage with all their digital audiences. Working together starts with in-depth understanding of your audience – interests, networks and how best to meaningfully connect and engage with them. From content creation and community management to paid activation, and design and build, we use insights to develop strategies and campaigns with measurable business outcomes.

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Joined-up Content

We know that the content you share is more important than ever. That is why we plan, create and promote it using a structured approach that gives you a joined-up strategy while ensuring a more efficient use of content across multiple channels.

 We start by working with our insights experts, ensuring that your content strategy is grounded in reality and will elicit the required response from your audience. Next we work out which the most effective earned, owned and paid channels will be, again informed by real-word data and analytics, not just a hunch. Lastly we promote the content through those channels, measuring its impact at each stage and tweaking as necessary. To us, content crosses many disciplines of the marketing mix and could include general messaging and content strategy through to training materials, the creation of video or the design and build of digital assets…and not forgetting traditional PR materials of course!

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Smart Insights

The starting point for all our campaigns is insight. We take a deep dive into your business and use a variety of tools and techniques to build up the right picture of your communication priorities and needs. We use this insight to inform our planning and delivery of all campaigns. And crucially, every campaign is measured so as to prove the outcome it has delivered to your business. Our specialist team works with a variety of in-house, licensed and publicly available tools to generate brand insights, analyse your media, map influencers and monitor your social media. We combine these to create a tailored measurement framework – one that doesn’t just track success but which uses insight to inform the future direction of your communication campaign.

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Brand Transformed

We work out what your brand should stand for and create the tools to communicate it. Everything we create is focused on connecting with people, as individuals, and giving your customers great experiences so you can build strong relationships with them.

The clients we work with are usually companies at a point of change. You might be entering new product markets or dealing with a merger. You may have specific needs like a complicated portfolio, or just need to change your message to the people you already have relationships with.

Whatever your challenge, our brand experts work with you to create the brand ideas and tools to help your business transform for future success, whether that’s through a new identity, messaging or website.

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Government Affairs & Lobbying

Understanding and engaging with the political decision-making process is often a key factor in enabling you to achieve your business objectives. The effect of Government policy and regulation can offer both threats and vital opportunities to organisations of all sizes. Our teams of public affairs and regulatory specialists are based in the key centres of decision-making across Europe and provide national as well as pan-European support.  We offer strategic advice, advocacy, political stakeholder engagement, policy research & intelligence and training for select committee sessions. Importantly we ensure such activity is fully integrated across new and existing PR and communications campaigns.

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