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Play and win 

We’re a serious business and we have responsibilities. But to us, play is fundamental to how we deliver success. The play we’re talking about isn’t just about having fun. It’s about having a focus, being competitive, but being inventive with it. You cannot have play without a target to aim for.

When we play we try things out. We improvise, we’re bold, take on new roles, imagine what would happen if we possessed new capabilities or behaved differently.

But it’s never about simple silly play. How we do things has our four-step structure behind it. Simple silly play on its own doesn’t lead to innovation. When we play we throw away what doesn’t work and build on what does. The best ideas emerge out of a process that involves a variety of players who trust one another, working intelligently together, toward a specific goal.

It’s about experimenting and challenging each other to find fresh ideas that make a real difference. It’s about learning – the kind of learning that allows you to navigate unknown areas, make unusual connections, and achieve new goals in unforeseen ways.

Proof is in the pudding

Play doesn’t work without a specific goal, and as a responsible business we never say that we’re all about play without also proving how we get results. So in equal measure to play, we place great emphasis on measurement.

Depending on who you talk to at Hotwire, you could say that measurement is almost more important than the PR campaign itself. The laser-like level of accountability of justifying the marketing spend and impact of what we do proves our worth. We’re proud of our effectiveness and our ability to make a dent in the world on behalf of our clients. It also helps us understand more, to learn, to predict and be one, two or even three steps ahead of what just happens to have trended a second ago.

The journey and the destination

As you can see, our entire culture is much more than combining ambition with teams of talented people to create winning results for clients. We believe it’s about the unexpected sparks and magic along the way, which give impact, inspiration and insights. As our client, you are fundamental to this journey. You play a central role in how we do things and will be included every step of the way.

So whether you’re entering the market for the first time, or are well-established within your sector – if you have a communications challenge, we’d love to talk to you.