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1 million

views of Ask Simon videos

The challenge

Skype had developed a new Video Messaging feature and were looking to raise awareness of this with crucial youth audiences. To add to this challenge Skype had a valuable tactical opportunity, a 30 minute meeting with Simon Cowell. We were briefed by Skype to combine raising awareness of ViM with positioning Skype as an interesting and cool channel to Youthful Influencers and using the Simon Cowell opportunity.


total impressions of all campaign material

Our answer

Our insight experts found the best ways of reaching youth audiences to make ViM relevant, and to get them to try it. We used our analytics capabilities to set up a measurement framework which was used dynamically to assess the campaign and adjust activity and investment accordingly. 

The foundation of the campaign was crowd-sourced content, rather than the meeting with Simon Cowell itself. We created an online competition: “What burning question would you ask Simon Cowell?” The audience submitted questions via ViM and the winning questions won a trip to LA or a Skype entertainment package of tech and other goodies 

Video blogs and video blog style YouTube channels are highly popular with teenagers. We used ‘star’ video bloggers (vloggers), who have large followings, to expand the reach and credibility of the competition through their blogs. 

The best ViMs were selected and the questions put to Simon Cowell. This content was broadcast online and promoted via social media, including a series of trailers featuring the target youth audience and celebrities, including Little Mix, Perez Hilton and Demi Lovato. 

As part of creating and developing the content for the campaign we built a model to predict and measure its performance. The model was based on benchmarks for activity through owned, paid, partner and non-owned third party channels, like video blogs and Tumblr.

The model gave a consolidated view across these channels, looking at three levels of campaign performance:

  • Awareness: reach and impressions of all content across all channels
  • Engagement: based on actions with the campaign content, e.g. likes, mentions, shares, retweets, comments, views, posts
  • Participation: on-page clicks, Skype sign-ups traced to the campaign, requests to connect to “Ask Simon” on Skype, number of ViMs recorded

The results

The campaign exceeded all its performance benchmarks by over 50 percent, with:

  • 1 million views of Ask Simon videos
  • 272,862,561 total impressions of all campaign material
  • 140,733 landing page visits (113,000 unique)
  • 4,133 likes and 584 comments

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