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Digital Trends Report 2016

Virtual reality comms, the primacy of third-party channels, and campaigns are actually useful. These are some of the trends that we’ll see over the next 12 months.

As people demand a perfect marriage between experience and data, Virtual Reality (VR) will become a key trend for 2016. VR lends itself perfectly to brands looking to bridge emotion and fact. Marketers need to get on board now and ensure they understand the impact the technology can make on strategy, when it can be used and who to call upon to make it work.


Marketing Silos

Hotwire conducted a survey amongst 300 senior marketing decision makers, focusing on how they view the modern marketing landscape and the big issues they are grappling with today.

Digital Trends Report 2015

Businesses are spending more time and money than ever before on generating content. We are drowning in a sea of pithy blogs, in depth whitepapers and tongue in cheek videos.

But are we all a bit too obsessed with getting as much out there on as many topics as possible? Wouldn’t it be better to take a step back and give people the choice as to how they want to consume that awe inspiring opinion piece you’ve just written?

An introduction to PR

An introduction to PR answers ten big questions a company might face when considering to do PR for the first time. From what you can do yourself through to everything you need to hire an agency.

Digital Trends Report 2014

For years, new technologies have disrupted the status quo of communications, but 2014 is about adoption rather than innovation. This is the year for digital maturity. 

Download this free report to discover the ten Digital Trends for 2014 and how they will effect marketing and communications. 

Digital Trends Report 2013

In the fourth edition of our annual Digital Trends report, we have once again pooled the collective experience of the team at 33 Digital and their work at the coal face of digital marketing and communications to try and gauge what the world will look like for marketers and comms professionals in 2013.

Hotwire Measurement Framework

Talk to any PR practitioner in any sector, and one thing they will all tell you is that the lack of a universally accepted measurement methodology holds back the credibility of the industry. The Hotwire Measurement Framework, based on the AMEC Valid Metrics methodology, aims to dispel that by placing real, quantifiable value on campaigns. 

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