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The Client

Skype was launching Skype Video Instant Messaging, its product that allows users to record and send video messages to offline contacts.

The Brief

Skype wanted us to raise awareness of their new product amongst their trickiest target market – 13-18 year olds. They wanted a campaign that would not only raise the profile of the product, but one that would also encourage   people to use it. Oh, and they had half an hour of Simon Cowell’s time that they wanted us to work with.

Our Response

The idea was simple. We took to Skype’s social media channels and spread the word that we were running a competition. We asked, “If you could ask Simon Cowell one question, what would it be?”. We told people to record their questions and send them to a special “Simon Cowell” Skype account that we had set up, to be in with a chance of the infamous “Mr Nasty” answering their question.

We enlisted two famous vloggers – both who have large teenage followings – to promote the competition on their vlogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook walls and Instagram profiles. This gave the campaign wider coverage among the desired target audience, with whom blogs are hugely popular. We flew them to Simon Cowell’s mansion in LA, where they asked a combination of their own questions, along with the ones that we had picked as the winners of the competition. 

The whole conversation was video recorded and live-streamed via Skype. Both vloggers posted from the airport before take-off, and again when they arrived in LA to encourage last minute engagement with the competition. All content was broadcast online and promoted via social media, including a series of trailers featuring the target youth audience and celebrities, including Little Mix, Perez Hilton and Demi Lovato.

The Results

The campaign exceeded all its performance benchmarks by over 50 percent, with:

  • 1 million views of Ask Simon videos
  • 272,862,561 total impressions of all campaign material
  • 140,733 landing page visits (113,000 unique)
  • 4,133 likes and 584 comments

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